Thrive in the Content Wars


Audiences’ hunger for content is driving explosive growth across streaming and on-demand services. Building a direct-to-consumer streaming solution from scratch or assembling existing technology requires engineering costs, which absorbs potential profits and adds months to your time-to-market. Ateliere Discover™consolidates the entire CMS/OVP chain, including integration with SVOD & AVOD monetization platforms so you can get your content channel running on your website, smart TV or mobile apps in just a few weeks.

Faster Time-to-Market

Audiences want it all – from vintage shows to today’s blockbusters, driving explosive growth across OTT services. Yet, traditional media supply chains break down under the pressure, with slow, inefficient packaging & delivery workflows. With content commoditized, this is no longer an option. Time to simplify your library monetization with Ateliere Discover.

Leverage an efficient technology platform that delivers results.

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Customizable, white label OTT solution with powerful features to serve all your VOD needs.

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Launch your services quickly with Ateliere’s experienced team.



Move to a modern media supply chain

D2C streaming workflows require assembly of dozens of pieces to meet consumers’ demands on their app platform of choice. Ateliere Discover, a white label OTT solution with built-in CMS, OVP & streaming apps, provides unprecedented customization and control over content distribution.

Make informed monetization decisions

Capitalize on your content libraries, reaching wider audiences and increasing profits. The platform provides comprehensive analytics to help you make informed programming and marketing decisions.

Scale your revenue opportunities

Ateliere Discover features smart TV & mobile apps available for most major platforms (iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google TV). Templated apps for web, smart TV & mobile can be fully customized to your brand preferences much faster than building from scratch (days, not months).

Understand your viewer

Ateliere Discover facilitates complex subscriber and user management. Native integration with Recurly allows you to manage users directly with detailed analytics on user activity so you can make decisions based on audience.

Personalized ad insertion

Customize your ad preferences based on audience needs directly into your OTT apps for monetization – Freewheel Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is seamlessly integrated within Ateliere Discover.

Unmatched flexibility

Ateliere solutions provide a range of media playback and rights management options to best meet your business needs. With unparalleled integration capabilities, you can integrate your existing or preferred solutions, from subscription management, CDN, ad-server, analytics platform and more.

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Minimize churn

Keep your content always fresh and differentiate offerings by users & geography. Customize the viewer experience with multiple on-screen arrangements, metadata, and app layouts, while delivering a unified, brand-safe viewing experience across all platforms.

Respond quickly to market demands

You choose your revenue and viewer engagement model, from ad-based to subscription with in-depth analytics to help you make informed programming, marketing, and user engagement decisions.

Technology you can trust

Choose a technology partner that works with you along your transformation journey. Ateliere solutions leverage the latest, safest, most scalable and reliable technology, so that you can move efficiently into a modern content supply chain.

Work with the right team

Take advantage of Ateliere’s investment & knowledge in platform onboarding to get your service running faster. You won’t need to increase your R&D budget or sideline other corporate priorities to launch an OTT service with smart TV & mobile apps.

All your VOD streaming needs served

Everything you need to reach your consumers, from catalog creation to consumption is at your fingertips, with Ateliere’s reliable, always-on, scalable VOD streaming platform.

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