Succeed in the Streaming Content Arena


Dive into the ever-expanding universe of streaming and on-demand with Ateliere Discover™. Forget the hefty engineering costs and time-consuming development typically associated with crafting a direct-to-consumer platform. Our streamlined CMS/OVP process integrates smoothly with both SVOD & AVOD models, propelling your content onto websites, smart TVs, and mobile applications in record time.

Efficient OTT Technology

Embrace the soaring demand for everything from timeless classics to the latest blockbusters with Ateliere Discover™. While traditional media supply chains struggle to keep pace, our solution puts efficiency at the forefront, simplifying the path to monetization. Ateliere Discover doesn't just manage and distribute your content; it transforms the way you connect with audiences, ensuring every decision is backed by solid data and every strategy is fine-tuned for success.

Leverage an efficient technology platform that delivers results.

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White-Label OTT solution packed with advanced features for comprehensive VOD service.

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Accelerate your service deployment with the expertise of Ateliere’s seasoned team.



Move to a modern media supply chain

Ateliere Discover's holistic approach redefines direct-to-consumer streaming, merging numerous elements to cater to diverse consumer tastes. Our white-label OTT solution, complete with an integrated CMS and OVP, along with intuitive streaming apps, hands you the reins to an unmatched content distribution kingdom.

Expand Market Reach and Monetize Effectively

Capitalize on your content libraries, and watch your audience—and profits—grow. Our platform doesn't just churn out analytics; it offers a window into the soul of your audience, helping you craft irresistible programming and marketing campaigns that resonate.

INCREASe your revenue potential

Ateliere Discover supports smart TV and mobile applications across major platforms, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Google TV. Our templated applications for web, smart TV, and mobile devices are fully customizable to align with your brand, enabling quicker launches than building from scratch. Our templated applications allow for easy customization of colors, logos, and content to ensure that your brand identity is maintained throughout the user experience. Whether you are looking to launch a new streaming service or enhance your existing digital presence, our customizable application offers a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Excellent Audience Insights

Ateliere Discover enhances subscriber and user management through its native integration with Recurly, offering detailed analytics on user activities, customizable subscription plans and automated billing processes. This enables you to tailor decisions to your audience's behavior and easily set up and manage different subscription tiers. With detailed analytics on user activities, you can gain insights into user engagement and preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your subscription offerings.

Personalized ad insertion

Adapt your advertising strategies to meet audience needs with Ateliere Discover's integrated Freewheel Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). This feature allows for personalized ad placements within your OTT applications, enhancing monetization. By using Freewheel DAI, your advertising will be relevant and engaging for your audience, leading to higher ad engagement and increased revenue. This technology also provides detailed insights into viewer behavior, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your ad placements. With Ateliere Discover's integrated solution, you can stay ahead of the competition and deliver a seamless and personalized experience for your viewers.

Unparalleled Flexibility in Media Streaming

Ateliere offers versatile media playback and rights management options tailored to your business requirements. Our solutions boast unmatched integration capabilities, allowing for seamless incorporation of your existing or preferred systems, including subscription management, CDN, ad servers, analytics platforms, and more. Ateliere Discover provides robust security features to protect your valuable content and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Our platform supports a wide range of file formats and codecs, making it easy to deliver high-quality audio and video content to your audience.

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Adapt to Changing Viewer Trends

Transform your D2C content offerings to keep up with viewers' evolving tastes. Our scalable platform allows for a customizable viewer experience, enabling you to tweak on-screen elements, metadata, and app layouts while maintaining brand integrity across all devices. Delve into viewer engagement metrics to continuously refine the user experience. Leverage our robust media management tools within data analytics to align video content and recommendations with audience preferences. Embrace industry trends and technological advances with our agile solutions to keep your audience captivated and expanding.

Respond quickly to market demands

Design a revenue model that aligns with your brand's vision, choosing from ad-based or subscription-based strategies enriched by comprehensive analytics. Our scalable platform caters to diverse viewer preferences, from live streaming for real-time engagement to on-demand video content for convenience. Stay attuned to your audience, whether they're inclined toward freemium models with in-app features or traditional subscription services. Balance your approach with competitive intelligence and industry trends, ensuring your strategy remains relevant. Regular performance reviews of your engagement models allow for dynamic adjustments, propelling sustained success.

Reliable Technology Partners

Forge a partnership with Ateliere, your dependable ally in OTT technology, offering a scalable and customizable platform that's secure and forward-thinking. Our commitment to media management excellence ensures that your operations are streamlined and future-proof. Navigate the digital transformation with confidence, knowing that Ateliere's latest innovations are at your service, supporting your growth every step of the way.

Collaborate with OUR Expert Team

Leverage Ateliere’s investment & knowledge in platform onboarding to quickly launch your service without overextending your R&D budget. Our customizable platform is designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring your OTT service resonates with your target audience and drives business growth. Our expert team's commitment to your success means you're supported from live streaming setup to seamless delivery of streaming video content.

Comprehensive VOD Streaming Solutions

Ateliere's comprehensive VOD streaming platform is the epitome of media management—a reliable, always-on service that scales with consumer demand. It's a creator's playground for video content and a consumer's haven for live streaming and on-demand viewing. This customizable platform promises a user-friendly interface and a back-end infrastructure that supports high viewer engagement and satisfaction. With Ateliere, your content is not just accessible; it's a premium destination for audiences in search of exceptional streaming video experiences.

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