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Manage, package & deliver content anywhere

Ateliere Connect is a cloud-native media supply chain solution that helps media companies of all sizes manage and deliver their video content to multiple endpoints, with 75-90% less storage costs, native component-based workflows, and simplified recipe-based packaging & delivery.

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Orchestrate your media supply chain

Transcode & Deliver Faster

Process a full feature title in as little as 2 minutes with our cloud-native parallel processing transcoder – the fastest in the world.

Minimize storage & increase margins

Dramatically reduce long-term storage costs by de-duplicating your video assets, so you only store the difference between file types (MB) rather than multiple large video files (hundreds of GB/TB).

Easy package & delivery templates

Conform files for delivery, transform metadata, package each required media collection and automate downstream package delivery endpoints to reduce human error and ensure consistency.

Media management, simplified

Easily find titles through tag-oriented metadata and fast search. Sort your title catalog with composition playlists (CPLs), made with video, audio, subtitle, and artwork components. Consolidate and store all title versions as an IMF package.

video quality

Ateliere Connect can ingest and utilize nearly any media format, ensuring direct access to your original, high-quality masters at optimum video quality, no matter where, or how you distribute assets.
Ateliere Connect dashboard

Simplify versioning & localization

Easy-to-use, flexible versioning enables users to save incremental change (e.g. compliance edits and localizations) and simplify redeliveries, so changes come with minimal cost and effort.

Automate quality control

Cloud-native, file QC catches up to 90% of common issues automatically, providing the reassurance you need during large-scale processing.
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Content can be shared or requested with our Tasks interface. Members of your team can be sure they are viewing the same job status, in real time, via Ateliere Connect Dashboards.
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Solutions you can trust

Headshot of Gray Ainsworth of Lionsgate
"We were hoping to find somebody that was willing to take this journey with us, develop for us as we go, and let us take advantage of developments they may be doing for other customers. That’s what we were able to find with Ateliere. The tool just gets stronger and stronger along the way."
EVP of Global Technical Operations & Delivery Lionsgate

Ateliere Connect features at A glance

Deliver content from concept to consumer on every screen, everywhere
Dashboards for every user

Connect comes with 5 built-in dashboards adapted to different profiles and workflows within the company – Executive, IMF, Media Services, Ingest and QC – giving real time visibility into the creation and status over time of Titles, Media Files, Transcodes, Packaging and Deliveries.

Users can leverage the direct links to perform immediate actions in Connect such as performing manual QC, triggering the delivery of a package, etc..

Move into the cloud confidently

Import media from anywhere, in its native format, with automatic extraction of technical metadata, captions and file QC, as required. All on Ateliere’s TPN-approved, secure AWS infrastructure.

Deep analysis & FrameDNA™

Ateliere’s Deep Analysis & FrameDNA functionality leverages AI/ML to automatically detect duplicate content in your catalog, create a composition for each version with the deltas and can consolidate versions to IMF. No more storage overhead!

Title management

Build your title hierarchy and metadata fields in a no-code, point-and-click environment. Plan ahead by creating title placeholders/virtual assets for media that will arrive later.

(Media) asset management

Customizable metadata, virtual folders and tags allow you to easily sort, locate and distribute assets based on your business needs. Storage policies leverage AWS lifecycles, moving content between tiers to keep costs down.

IMF functionality

Rich native IMF and IMP support, including building both OV and versions from Deep Analysis. Create deliveries from IMF on demand to any endpoint and check status on the dashboard.

Agile packaging

Easily transform metadata from Ateliere Connect’s Core schema (based on CableLabs ADI) to any delivery format using its package templates. Build media collections by gathering tags from your video, audio, subtitles, posters and artwork & add delivery endpoints – all in a no-code environment.

Flexible packaging support

Ateliere Connect handles a wide range of packages including Flat, IMF, iTunes, Apple Avails, Amazon MMC & MEC, and more. Add QC to your delivery workflow, with Netflix Photon & Interra Baton integration.

Efficient delivery

Support for multiple delivery transport & endpoint mechanisms, such as S3 bucket-to-bucket copy, Aspera, Netflix Backlot, Apple Transporter, RSS/MRSS Feed and FTP/SFTP. Ateliere can provide you with over 100 of the most common OTT delivery package templates, built by us, reducing your configuration time.

Media preview

Preview playback for most media content, including CPLs from IMF packages, with frame accurate transport controls, caption/subtitle preview, audio meters and full media details.

Media processing

Ateliere Connect includes industry-leading transcoders, plus our proprietary MediaWarp for IMF outputs. Caption, subtitle and metadata conversion are all built-in for seamless compatibility!

Actionable data

Powered by AWS Quicksight, Ateliere Connect aggregates all processing events from acquisition to distribution into a single, accessible data analytics warehouse. Make calculated adjustments and projections quickly from the easy-to-read dashboard.

Adobe integration

With the Ateliere Adobe© Premiere© panel, users can pull content from the Ateliere Connect catalog, with proxy generation on download. Sequences can be exported back using Adobe Media Encoder.

API-first platform

All objects, events, job creation and workflow progress are available via our public GraphQL API, allowing third-party applications to operate or react with custom behavior.