Standardized, Componentized Formatting


Manage your “version explosion” problems with Ateliere Connect’s component media or IMF-based workflow: eliminate video duplication and reduce your video cloud storage footprint by 70% or more.

Save space, time & money

Video is big, and with high-res formats, platform-specific encoding & complex versioning, titles are getting bigger. To meet packaging and distribution requirements, companies duplicate up to 90% of their content. Stop inefficient and costly video duplication with Ateliere Connect by transforming media versions into smaller, de-duplicated, IMF packages in a scalable cloud platform.

Easily componentize long-form titles & quickly repackage when needed.

Reuse just what’s needed from existing content, rather than storing duplicates for each delivery.

Quickly identify what’s current vs old and streamline QA processes.


key capabilities

Implement a true IMF workflow

With component-based workflows, including the capability to natively manage & convert your content to Interoperable Master Format, Ateliere Connect helps you reclaim time & resources towards delivering more and better content.

Substantial cloud storage savings

Why store every frame of every version in the cloud? Switch to an IMF-based workflow and eliminate video duplication, reducing your storage footprint by 70% or more.

Distribute efficiently

Derive multiple deliverables from an IMF package with Composition Playlists (CPLs), which automatically log the differences, taking up minimal storage. With Ateliere Connect you can easily package and distribute different versions of a title to multiple endpoints.

Gain visibility and control

The integrated dashboard within Ateliere Connect displays all titles, IMF essences, packaging status and delivery progress, so you can easily identify and address any bottlenecks.

Industrialize your deliveries

Cloud-native, scalable processing accelerates content clean-up and title preparation: automate packaging for multiple timelines, resolutions, aspect ratios & languages.

Tame your metadata

Forget rogue naming conventions plaguing your title library! With IMF you can standardize metadata descriptions reducing complexity and confusion across your media supply chain.

Intelligent automation

Import IMF packages natively or create IMF from imported media components. Ateliere’s Deep Analysis & FrameDNA functionality leverages AI/ML to automatically detect duplicate content in your catalog, identify texted/textless elements, create a composition for each version with the deltas and consolidate versions to IMF.

Simplicity at the core

Ateliere Connect simplifies your IMF workflows: the Deep Analysis scan can build both OV and versions in your IMF packages natively. With rich native IMF package (IMP) support, IMF deliveries can be created on demand, plus IMF can be used as an input for deliveries to any endpoint.

Let speed be your superpower

Quickly build content deliveries based on required specifications, with all the common elements in place including speedy transcoding — using cloud processing we can transcode at 35x real-time — and distribution.

Stay nimble

Easily preview all content, including CPLs from IMF packages, with frame accurate transport controls, caption/subtitle preview, audio meters and full media details.

Future-proof, optimized workflows

Use & extend existing standards like MXF, JPEG2000, ProRes, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, SMPTE ST 2067-21:2020 (IMF App 2E) & IMF App ProRes

Real return on investment

Together with IMF, cloud technology enables media companies to capitalize on their deep archive and provide consumers with what they want, when they want it, at a point where profit is still possible.

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