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Ateliere Discover is a white label OTT solution that monetizes asset libraries on smart TV & mobile apps with targeted audience analytics.

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Customize what you want…

Our intuitive interface enables you to customize your content’s on-screen arrangement, metadata, and app layout.

…and streamline
the rest

Expedite delivery to all main OTT platforms with built-in templates, saving you time while processing hundreds of files, in a range of formats and multiple delivery mediums, from Aspera to S3 and more.

Unified audience experience

Engage audiences with your own branded video apps or deliver to major OTT marketplaces including Apple, Amazon Channels & Roku. Deliver a unified, brand-safe viewing experience across all screens.


Ateliere Discover gives you the freedom to choose your revenue and viewer engagement model, from ad-based or subscription.

Engagement & retention

In-depth analytics help you make informed programming, marketing, and user engagement decisions. Retain viewers with scheduled notifications (push and in-app) for new releases or replays.

Latest Technology Stack

Our solutions leverage modern, secure, scalable and reliable technology. Recent innovation includes development with Flutter, Google's open source framework that builds beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform apps from a single codebase.
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More reach, more viewers

Jeff Cuban, Advisory Board member at Ateliere
“With Ateliere, Magnolia Pictures is well equipped to deliver an engaging online entertainment experience for movie lovers any time and every time.
COO, Magnolia Pictures

Ateliere Discover features at a glance

Deliver content from concept to consumer on every screen, everywhere
Catalog Management

Create custom hierarchies, and manage video, audio, subtitles/captions, artwork and metadata in your title structures – all based on your business needs.

Powerful CMS

The integrated CMS can deliver media collections across Ateliere’s own web, mobile & smart TV apps, as well as your existing streaming services, marketing apps, corporate communications apps, training & sales enablement platforms, and screening platforms.

Mobile & Smart TV App Support

A capable CMS Online Video Platform with full consumer app coverage: web, mobile (iOS, Android), Smart TV (Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Fire TV), to help you expand your viewer reach.

App Customization

Stay true to your brand with fully customizable apps, including themes, custom layouts with carousels & rails, static text and page localization. Ateliere’s no-code template-based customization tools ensure that you can quickly bring your brand experience to life.

Media Playback

Increase audience retention and reach with extensive video player support and support for multi-bitrate streams (HLS & MP4), multi-language captions and multi-language audio.

Rights Management

Ateliere Discover supports geoblocking and licensing window management, natively out-of-the-box, to keep your content secure at all times.


Choose the business model that suits your needs, whether AVOD, SVOD or free streaming. Ateliere Discover integrates with FreeWheel DAI and includes Recurly subscription management – easy for both your technical team and your viewers!

Content Analytics

Track your content performance with Ateliere Discover analytics featuring financial data with earnings per platform, app traffic details, per-title analytics (top titles, minutes watched) and more.

Unparalleled Integration

Ateliere Discover enables you to integrate your preferred solutions from subscription management, CDN, ad-server, analytics platform and more. Its modular framework allows you to simply plug-in your favorite 3rd party tools.

Power & Grow Your Global Services

Trust Ateliere Discover to power your global business growth. Our reliable, always-on, scalable platform, brings you security, efficiency and cost savings. Some of the best-known brands in the industry rely on Ateliere solutions to increase the effectiveness of their video supply chain and monetization strategies.