Realize your Revenue Potential


Amidst growing streaming competition, unlock your revenue potential with Ateliere Connect, a cloud-native platform engineered for the complexities of VOD distribution and OTT services. Gain unparalleled control over your inventory and client servicing, simplifying digital rights management and leveraging advanced streaming protocols for efficient content delivery.

Optimize  distribution
in the cloud

Transform your legacy media supply chain with Ateliere Connect, optimized for the demanding requirements of OTT packaging and complex localization. This cloud-native solution empowers you with control over your inventory and client services, streamlining the packaging and delivery of content with unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

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Connect all your platform packaging needs with a unified supply chain in the cloud.

Revolutionize content packaging with recipe-based solutions.

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Minimize costs and avoid redeliveries.



Achieve Optimal  Revenue with Cloud-Based Distribution

Stop burning budgets trying to manage packaging and distribution requirements. Maximize your budget and streamline your packaging and distribution processes with Ateliere Connect. Transition from an outdated media supply chain to a cloud-based solution that offers unmatched flexibility and scalability, enhancing your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Automate Your  Supply Chain for Unmatched Efficiency

Experience factory-level supply chain automation with Ateliere Connect's no-code, tag-based templates. Automate essential microservices, including transcoding, metadata transformation, and quality control, for seamless content delivery network integration. Each title stores media components, allowing simplified packaging recipes and deliverables.

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Reduce HUMAN Errors and Enhance Consistency

Ateliere Connect minimizes human error through automation, conforming files for delivery, transforming metadata, and automating endpoints. Enjoy consistent, error-free content distribution, safeguarded with robust digital rights management practices.

Cut Storage Costs with Smart Localization Strategies

Efficiently manage and localize multiple media types in their native formats, only conforming versions as required. Ateliere Connect simplifies localization, ensuring seamless OTT service delivery while optimizing storage usage.

Accelerate Your Workflow and Save Valuable Time

Ateliere Connect dramatically reduces the time required for VOD distribution with its pre-built templates, covering over 100 global OTT, broadcast, and cable destinations, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Peacock, Sky, Star and more. Designed to precisely match the delivery specifications of each platform, these templates streamline the preparation process, ensuring your content is ready for distribution faster than ever. By automating and simplifying complex distribution requirements, Ateliere Connect allows you to focus on content creation while it handles the nuances of platform-specific delivery. This not only accelerates your go-to-market timeline but also ensures the highest content quality across all channels, making content distribution efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Eliminate Content Duplication Effortlessly

Eliminate content duplication with Ateliere Connect's intelligent asset management and dynamic transcoding technology. By allowing for the reuse of content components, our platform minimizes unnecessary storage and optimizes the delivery process. Content is adapted in real-time for each distribution channel, eliminating the need for multiple asset versions and significantly reducing storage costs. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also accelerates content delivery, enabling a more agile and cost-effective media supply chain. With Ateliere Connect, you gain a simplified, efficient workflow that ensures your content is delivered quickly and accurately across all platforms, freeing up resources to invest in creative development and expansion.

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Master Localization  with Componentized Workflows

Ateliere Connect revolutionizes content localization with its componentized media workflows, dramatically simplifying the addition of new tracks for global versioning and reducing storage overhead. This innovative approach enables seamless management of multiple language versions, ensuring accuracy and uniformity across all localized content. By facilitating easy track insertion and optimizing storage utilization, Ateliere Connect enhances operational efficiency and scalability, preparing you for the demands of international VOD distribution and OTT services expansion with minimal effort and reduced costs.

Support for All  Your Packaging Needs

Embrace endless packaging possibilities with Ateliere Connect's comprehensive support for a multitude of media formats, including Flat File Deliveries, IMF, iTunes, Apple Avails, Amazon MMC, and MEC. Our advanced platform is engineered to ensure seamless compatibility and adherence to the latest industry standards, providing unparalleled flexibility and reliability in content handling. With Ateliere Connect, effortlessly manage the import, export, and distribution of diverse media types across a spectrum of platforms and services, optimizing your workflow for peak productivity. Our robust system equips you with the tools to navigate the ever-changing media landscape confidently, fulfilling the complex requirements of VOD distribution and OTT services with ease and precision.

Seamless Delivery  Across Multiple Platforms

Ateliere Connect offers endless packaging and delivery options, supporting a variety of transport and endpoint mechanisms, such as S3 bucket-to-bucket copy, Aspera, Netflix Backlot, Apple Transporter, RSS/MRSS Feed and FTP/SFTP. Leverage our platform for comprehensive digital rights management and content delivery network solutions, ensuring secure and efficient distribution across all channels.

Gain a Competitive  Edge with Ateliere

Partner with Ateliere to leverage our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in streaming protocols, OTT services, and VOD distribution. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your content packaging and delivery exceed industry standards!

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