Combat the challenges of compliance and video duplication. Choose Ateliere Connect - the only solution in the industry that reduces cloud storage costs by 70% or more through video deduplication. This platform not only manages, packages, and delivers your video content to various endpoints, but it also ensures each session is optimized for cost and efficiency.


The ever-expanding demands of media production require more titles, formats, edits & channels than ever. Without the right content management solution in place, you end up with hundreds of versions that bloat your archive, making the move to the cloud unsustainable. Ateliere’s cloud-native solution efficiently manages your video archives, eliminating unnecessary copies and ensuring seamless cloud migration. Ateliere’s cloud-native platform is designed to reduce your video storage footprint, paving the way for a sustainable, cloud-based future. Ateliere's platform provides advanced metadata tagging and search capabilities, making it easy to locate and repurpose existing content. This not only saves time and resources but also maximizes the value of your video library.

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Advanced AI/ML detects duplicate video, saving you time & money.

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Reduce QC processing time, only testing the unique elements of each video version.

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Enhance ROI through rapid and precise delivery of video content to targeted platforms.




Introducing the next-generation media workflow efficiency solution - Ateliere Connect. Our platform enables you to store and access the latest and most crucial content, while eliminating redundant duplicate files. With Ateliere Connect, you can seamlessly collaborate with team members and clients by granting access to specific files and projects. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the organization and management of your media assets, ultimately saving you time and effort. Bid farewell to the hassle of sifting through numerous file versions - Ateliere Connect optimizes your workflow, housing everything in a centralized location for convenient access.

CUT cloud storage footprint with Video DEDUPE

Ateliere's solution effectively cuts down your cloud storage footprint, even when dealing with diverse video versions for compliance and localization. Ateliere streamlines your versioning, significantly reducing the amount of storage space required for your media files, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency. The platform's ability to handle diverse video versions for compliance and localization means you can easily manage and distribute content tailored to different regions and regulations. This not only simplifies your media handling process but also ensures that you can meet the specific requirements of different markets. Overall, Ateliere's solution offers a comprehensive and practical approach to managing media assets in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.

Video deduplication Reduces cloud storage costs by 70%

Use the Ateliere calculator to see how you can effectively reduce cloud storage costs by 70% or more. This tool allows you to input your specific storage needs and titles, offering tailored savings insights based on the AWS storage tier used. Particularly beneficial for large media companies, video deduplication could translate to significant annual savings. Embrace this opportunity to refine your cloud storage strategy, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness across your operations.

SMART detection OF duplicate VIDEO

Ateliere’s proprietary FrameDNA™ employs advanced AI/ML for Deep Analysis, a process that automatically identifies duplicate video frames and unique content, optimizing the management of your media repository. By eliminating redundant frames and consolidating content, FrameDNA™ significantly reduces storage needs and streamlines the process of media asset retrieval. This not only reduces storage costs, but also improves the overall efficiency of media asset management. Additionally, the advanced AI/ML technology ensures accurate content identification and categorization. This powerful tool enhances the organization and accessibility of your media library, saving time and resources while maximizing your media content's value.

Deduplicate video with ADVANCED Frame fingerprinting

Ateliere's proprietary FrameDNA™ AI/ML technology revolutionizes video management by fingerprinting each frame upon ingest. This allows for an accurate comparison of video files. This advanced technology not only helps in identifying duplicate content but also assists in detecting any alterations or tampering within the video files. Additionally, the system's efficient storage management capabilities ensure that only the most relevant and original content is preserved, optimizing storage resources and reducing unnecessary duplication.


With Ateliere's video deduplication solution, automate the tedious task of manual scans. Within minutes, our sophisticated FrameDNA™ technology uses parallel processing & auto-scaling to streamline your media workflow, ensuring every video session is an exemplar of efficiency. Our video deduplication solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing media management systems, providing a hassle-free implementation process. By eliminating duplicate videos, you can significantly reduce storage costs and improve the overall organization of your media library. With our solution, you can optimize your media workflow and focus on creating impactful content without the burden of managing duplicate videos.

Ateliere Connect platform, showing how to deduplicate video with IMF


Ateliere's AI/ML technology effectively enhances both image and video duplicate detection. It goes beyond just videos, adeptly identifying and cataloging various elements including text, slates, and black frames. This capability streamlines the process of versioning and ad insertion, making content management more efficient. It simplifies the task of finding specific elements for different content versions or advertising purposes, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users. Additionally, the technology's precision in identifying ad insertion points enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts within videos.

CLOUD-NATIVE IMF generation automatically deduplicates video

Witness the efficiency of Ateliere's cloud-native IMF generation, automatically optimizing your content for diverse platforms. This intelligent solution merges original content with variations, creating customized Composition Playlists (CPLs) for different audiences. This process not only streamlines content transformation into various formats but also tailors it to audience preferences, enhancing engagement. The use of CPLs allows for targeted, personalized experiences, increasing viewer retention and maximizing content impact.

Monitor Video Files in Real-Time

With the integrated and interactive Ateliere Connect dashboard, users can monitor deduplication progress, and review all titles and IMF essences, keeping control at all times. This powerful tool, designed for today's media landscape, offers users a clear window into the content management process day by day with complete control.

OPTIMIZE QC for Video Content

Less duplicates to QC, less costs! Maximize user experience and minimize costs with Ateliere's advanced QC optimization. To illustrate, a 90 minute movie in English that requires French and Spanish versions would typically have three fixed-time QC checks. Instead, using CPLs with toggle-able elements, such as subtitles, dramatically lowering the time and costs of full, individual checks.


Reap the rewards of Ateliere's Video Deduplication solution, designed to boost ROI. This innovative approach to media management not only saves time but also maximizes the value of your video content, scaling your media operations and monetization efforts for the benefit of your users and your bottom line.

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