Live Production


Ateliere has acquired Agile Live

Ateliere’s new live production solution seamlessly blends production and distribution with powerful proxy editing to deliver high-quality content fast to the right screen, in the right format, at the right time. It is the ultimate user-centric experience that redefines the future of live broadcast and cloud TV.  

Unlock the power
of the platform

Produce where you like, when you like. The innovative live proxy production and collaborative remote editing capabilities leverage a proven, cost-effective cloud TV platform to bring your creative visions to life from any corner of the globe

Deliver more content, faster - without increasing your budget. Delight your audiences by providing more of their favorite content and programs on live TV without breaking the bank. Deliver live content to traditional broadcast as well as modern online platforms like YouTube and Twitch, optimizing content quality to match viewer expectations.

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Savings per hour of live content produced

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Synchronized cameras per production


Reduction in carbon footprint per production



Gain Speed and Flexibility

Spin up productions in a matter of seconds. Automate workflows, and customize processes and user interfaces to fit your organization's needs and preferences.

Grow Audience Reach

Create, curate, and repurpose live content for multiple, popular platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube. 
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Transform Your Operation

Adopt new operational models with increased automation and simpler, agile processes across teams and functions. Leverage the Ateliere ecosystem to connect into the wider media supply chain.

Power Exceptional Remote Workflows

Achieve true remote and distributed production using proxy editing with low-bitrate master versions on a platform that blends production and distribution to deliver high-quality content. 

Meet your Sustainability Goals

Use the same cameras and studio resources for multiple parallel productions, lowering the overall power requirements and environmental impact. Empower more of your employees to work remotely, and lower the travel obligation substantially.
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“SVT is at the forefront of broadcast technology innovation. We are building the software defined infrastructure that will support our business for many years, and the Ateliere system plays a key role in helping us deliver that vision."
Head of Production Development, SVT

LIVE PRODUCTION features at A glance

Deliver content from concept to consumer on every screen, everywhere
Adaptable Live Production Quality

Tailor live production parameters to fit different distribution platforms and viewer expectations.

Enhanced Viewer Experience

Create multiple parallel curations and versions that are tailored to each audience viewing platform including Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube.

Elastic Cost Management

Benefit from low and flexible costs for cloud deployments. The live production software takes advantage of cloud platform capabilities to adapt resources to current needs, eliminating costly idle capacity.

Proxy Editing

Leverage proxy contribution feeds and synchronized proxy-master feed timing (patent pending). Enable true remote production (REMI) workflows where production editors can be geographically remote from the main content contribution feed, whilst maintaining frame-accurate camera selections.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Transform live production operations with increased automation and simplified processes across teams. Boost live production speed while reducing dependency on individual skills and minimizing human errors.

API-first platform

All editing, events, camera selections and graphics overlays are available via our public, allowing third-party applications to operate or react with custom behavior.


We are already hard at work enhancing our new live TV production solution which will be shown at IBC in Amsterdam this September. To receive updates with the latest news on the launch, register here.